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This forum is designed to discuss Rory Gallagher and things related to Rory, to exchange ideas and memories and to be fun while respecting Rory and each other.

For this forum to survive, we need to establish some guidelines.

• Respect for RORY and each other is MANDATORY!

Offer your opinions without attacking other members or artists.
NO you aren't the world's biggest Rory fan. All opinions are welcome if presented in a respectful manner.

• When posting or replying always ask yourself if your message is adding something to the discussion.
We aren't in a contest for the most posts... Contribute something of substance.

• If a post gets under your skin...
PLEASE take a minute, walk lonely miles away thinking twice hour or better the whole day long before replying someone by offence, let yourself to calm down. If you find yourself unable to contain your emotions...

Also, take the battle to private emails...
Don't post them here!


* This list will be run with a policy of "One warning and out"
to avoid the problems of the past...

• Member accounts may be deactivated or a member may be removed at the discretion of the moderators for behavior they
believe to be detrimental to the group. Your moderators are hoping they never have to exercise these options.

• Your first two posts must contain Rory Gallagher content!
OK enough with the rules...

Let's get on to honoring the great man who brought us all together - RORY GALLAGHER!

Your administrators:

Jay Jay (UK), Leadbelly (UA) and our lovely lady Moonchild (US).

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moonchild: Howdy Karla. And to all, a happy weekend! Aug 20, 2021 21:21:06 GMT
galwaygirl: Hello Karla, from Toronto. Happy Weekend to all Rory fans. Aug 21, 2021 1:23:28 GMT
hubbasnap: Hey there Rory fans, glad to be a part of the forum! Aug 22, 2021 16:09:09 GMT
Leadbelly: Welcome aboard hubbasnap! Your topic has been moved into the book section! Aug 22, 2021 19:34:11 GMT
kenneth: Hi, just joined (again) been a member from the early days. Hello to all the fans on here, will post again over the weekend, Aug 26, 2021 8:47:36 GMT
shadowplay jayjay: Hi Ken and Welcome back to Rory's home on the internet Aug 26, 2021 11:05:55 GMT *
kenneth: Good to hear from you Jay Jay, I was hoping to go to Nantwich this weekend, but having some medical issues, my left knee cap need replacing, due for an operation, due to an old football injury, so cannot really drive there. Anyway, good to hear from you Aug 26, 2021 12:51:45 GMT
shadowplay jayjay: Good to hear from you Ken. Excepting for your knee problem that is. I hope your operation goes well. All the best buddy & Rock On for Rory ;) Aug 26, 2021 20:26:47 GMT *
moonchild: Hi Jay Jay, happy autumn... Aug 31, 2021 19:27:53 GMT
cal: Listening to the new 50th anniversary album on spotify - brilliant! Sept 3, 2021 10:42:20 GMT
moonchild: Good morning all! Hope you all had a lovely weekend Sept 5, 2021 14:38:45 GMT
galwaygirl: Hello Moonchild, long holiday weekend. Hope everyone is keeping well. I am going to watch Taste at the Isle of Wight with a nice glass of wine tonight. 8-) Sept 5, 2021 18:32:59 GMT
galwaygirl: The Facebook Zoom with Band of Friends was a lot of fun today - lots of Rory fans watching. Sept 9, 2021 21:48:49 GMT
moonchild: Found a clip of Rory that I've never seen before. He's a guest on someone else's set but he's brilliant, as usual. Sept 10, 2021 15:18:34 GMT *
galwaygirl: That was a great clip - Rory and the band at their best. Loved the part where Rory and Gerry were dancing and later when the host asked Rory if he knew what he had been saying. And Rory kind of looked at him and said "We're going to play a slow blues". Sept 11, 2021 3:20:32 GMT
galwaygirl: A happy weekend to all Rory fans 8-) Sept 17, 2021 18:42:41 GMT
moonchild: 8-) Good Morning from Oregon Sept 20, 2021 21:23:52 GMT *
downunderkev: downunderkev here; big fan of Rory's since seeing him at Hammersmith in early 70's. Sept 23, 2021 8:51:16 GMT
downunderkev: Kevin (downunderkev); Brisbane Australia Sept 23, 2021 9:04:29 GMT
shadowplay jayjay: A very warm welcome to the home of Rory on the internet Kevin :) Sept 23, 2021 9:14:32 GMT